Thursday, December 31, 2009


Have you ever been lucky enough to find someone who accepts you for who you are? Who you can tell anything to, and they don't judge you? Who would drop anything and run to help you when you needed it---whether or not you asked for that help?

I am so lucky to have people in my life who are just like that. These are two of my closest friends. I met them when I was living in The Pas, Manitoba, and we've stayed just as close, even though we are hundreds of kilometres away from each other. I try to see them at least once a year, and we talk more than that.

This year we had a get together at Rocky Lake. What a beautiful place! One of the most beautiful places on earth, I think. Peaceful, beautiful, lovely's just a piece of heaven on earth. This picture was taken on the rocks at the edge of the lake. It was a sunny, gorgeous day, and the weather was perfect. I was so inspired by this picture that I had to share it with Denise and Glenda. I decided to make a canvas for each of us...and I sent them their's for Christmas.

I think it's one of my best canvases--but that's probably not because of the work, but because of the memories and feelings tied to it. Isn't that the way it is, for scrapbookers?

Even though we aren't close in distance, these two wonderful women are always close to my heart.

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